Why English is the Language of Love in Lima

There’s no doubt about it, the English language isn’t one of the sexiest-sounding in the world. Take any English dialect from the USA to New Zealand (and all of them in between): not one of them is quite as graceful on our ears as the sultry sounds of French or the exotic intonation of Italian –…

Just Another Peruvian Food Story…?

  The driver eyeballs us curiously in the rear-view mirror of his cab and opens his mouth to speak but we already know what he’s going to say. The two burning questions on the tip of every Limeñan driver’s tongue when they see two foreigners with a baby hop into the back of their tico taxi: ‘Where are…

Pregnant in Peru!

‘Let’s go to Peru,’ she said. ‘It’s my dream to travel South America: land of the Incas and Machu Picchu,’ she said. ‘We can find work and move there,’ she said. ‘We can backpack to Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, the Amazon Rainforest!’

Peru, 1 year later: ‘I’m pregnant,’ she said.